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The Alexandru Ciucu High Level Tailoring Atelier was set up following a rich tradition and experience in the field of man’s suit manufacturing but also as a desire of educating the Romanian market in the male clothing style. The Atelier is today the most important bespoke tailoring atelier in Romania. The best tailors in the country are waiting for you to step over our threshold and try the experience of a bespoke suit, made as “it was once made” but using modern materials, cuts and approaches.

We make only bespoke suits which, unlike the “made to measure” one, have patterns made for each customer because each person is unique due to his physical traits. Fitting is another element which differentiates us from the “made to measure” version and it is important as it shows us that we are on the good way to satisfying the clothing exigencies of those who need our experience. Thus, we are sure that, finally, he is pleased with the outfit he dreamt about.

In our family the suit is a three-generation tradition so I owe my first ‘date’ with tailoring art to my grandmother, who began this trade in 1939 and handed it down to my father. He began his career working in the factory known under the name of APACA, getting specialized in manufacturing men’s suits. In 2000 we set up together “TATA &fiul” which is today a successful brand. In 2006 I opened a bespoke tailoring atelier bearing my name. To improve my skills I attended in 2001 the courses of the “Carlo Secoli” fashion institute and in 2007 I attended the “Maragoni” institute, both in Milan. I find one of the most refined expressions of male clothing style in the design of the famous bespoke suits and in my Atelier I pay my utmost attention to details, from fabrics to the final accessories.

Alexandru Ciucu Workshop


I am proud that I have succeeded in turning this Atelier into a landmark for masculine elegance so in 2009 I received the acknowledgement of the Royal House of Romania and received the title of “Official Supplier of the Royal House” from His Majesty, King Michael of Romania. From that year on I began to present my collections in Bucharest and in 2012, for the first time, I had a fashion parade abroad, at Hotel De Paris in Monte-Carlo. Since 2013 I have begun to design collections dedicated to ladies outfits, too and in 2015 I initiated my co-operation with Mrs. Carmen Iohannis, the First Lady of Romania. One of my most important achievements in 2015 was the privilege of creating the suits for Mr. Klaus Iohannis, the President of Romania.

My team and I can provide specialized advice, both for business outfits and for the ceremony ones. Counseling has the aim of guiding you to the best choice, no matter whether  you want to get only one outfit or to change your whole wardrobe and takes into consideration several criteria such as: the event you take part in, your physical characteristics, comfort, personal taste or the latest fashion trends.

Therefore, I am looking forward to meeting you at my Atelier where you can find a warm and cheerful atmosphere and a good cup of coffee.

We can help you make a "bespoke" present to the beloved one, still letting him choose by himself. Just tell us the value of the gift you want to offer and we shall prepare together a pleasant surprise.
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