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There are unique moments in a man’s life and they must be carefully attended from the clothing point of view as they will remain forever among the memories of those present. Clothing is practically the most important element when you take part in a ceremony event, it is the strong point of your evening because it can make the most of you. No matter if it is a wedding, christening, a New Year’s party, birthday, Viennese ball, reception, royal concert, social events or red carpet, the outfit must be “to measure”. Literally and figuratively. The field of men’s ceremony outfits is very little known in Romania and unlike in the case of the business suit, it is very easy to make the wrong choices if you do not ask for the expert’s advice. Jacket or frock coat, tail coat or dinner jacket, bow tie or tie, with or without waistcoat, do the shoes match the belt, what handkerchief to use for a certain outfit – an expert can easily answer to all these questions taking into consideration the kind of event, your personality and physical characteristics, your preferences and the latest fashion trends. For such circumstances it is advisable to call on an expert so you can be sure everything will be “commeilfaut”. Our working system is quite easy. You fix an appointment on the telephone or e-mail, choosing a day and an hour when you are available. On the agreed date, we will be waiting for you to decide together the details of your order.  You can pick up the style from our collections, from the Internet or any other source or you can bring your own idea or we may create it together as we are prepared to show you more than 300 fabric designs for ceremony suits, jackets, frock coats or trousers and over 150 types of cloths for shirts.

Articles for the ceremony (jackets, frock coat, tuxedo, tuxedo, vest, shirt, accessories, cufflinks, shoes) are carefully made from textile materials such as wool, cashmere, velvet, linen, cotton.

'The Royal Family of Romania values the men suits designed by Alexandru Ciucu for their distinction, the quality of the materials and the attention to details.'

His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania

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We can help you make a "bespoke" present to the beloved one, still letting him choose by himself. Just tell us the value of the gift you want to offer and we shall prepare together a pleasant surprise.
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