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The style I have decided to suggest through my collections for ladies is smart classic and it is made up of office and cocktail outfits because I am interested in the clothing approach of the modern woman who knows how to be independent without diminishing her feminity. Each design for ladies which I enclose in my collections is a silent assertion about the way I would like to see women dressed. The office style contains the day outfits whereas the cocktail dresses are suggestions for the evening outfits of the women mentioned above. In order to be able to fulfill all your clothing wishes we are ready to propose you a large assortment of fabrics, some of them silks – crepe-satin, muslin, shantung – others wools – bouclé, cashmere, gabardine – but also linen, cotton satin as well as highly technologized textiles, all of them in an impressive range of colours, designs and patterns. At the same time we have prepared a special team of professionals, fully dedicated to ladies fashion, made up of seamstresses with more than twenty years of experience in this field. You can pick up the style from our collections, from the Internet, you can bring your own idea or we may create together a unique design, taking into consideration your physical traits, personal aspirations, the event for which you need the outfit and the latest fashion trends. Our Atelier pay special attention to each of your clothing wish as we are aware of today’s social exigencies and of the pressure put by the opinion of the others about the way we dress.

You will always recognize the outfit made in our Atelier after the inner label specially woven for each client but also after a few more details which will be revealed to you at our place.

'The Royal Family of Romania values the men suits designed by Alexandru Ciucu for their distinction, the quality of the materials and the attention to details.'

His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania

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